In today’s complex world of financial business, it requires compliance officers to carefully evaluate  their  agents, and  have  the  ability to obtain  a  more  realistic  picture  of  the  major agent’s findings or failures to comply with the license’s compliance program. 

Most of our  MSB clients are currently taking advantage of this solution, allowing  them to achieve  full  compliance  with  the  latest  AML regulatory  requirements,  avoiding  monstrous fines as the recent cases of two of the most prominent money transmitters, yet maintaining a reasonable budget and competitiveness among the major players in the industry.

We also aid in keeping the pulse on your agents with information such as:

  • Agents changed address without informing you Compliance  Department

  • Change In business ownership.

  • Agents offering clandestine gambling or other illegal activities.

  • Compliance with training requisite.

  • Agents requests such as:

  • Line of Credit review.

  • Rates are not 

  • Publicity material

  • New Services

“On-Site Agent Review”

We perform a detailed brief examination, seeking to ensure Agents are complying with the 4 pillars of compliance, as well as record keeping requirements, Dodd Frank and Gramm Leach Bliley Act requirements.

The Scope

LJ Compliance evaluates your agents, by performing an OnSite analysis and observations based on your policies and procedures. We provide you with a detailed summary of each agent to help you determine if they can compliantly carry out operations on your behalf, including transactions testing, review of remedial actions, verification of agent credentials, change of ownership, on site imagery, signage verification, compliance officer designation, compliance manual, training verification, AML/BSA knowledge, and proper Record keeping.

Our Promise

  • Quickly gain an understanding of your company’s auditing and consulting needs.

  • Provide high quality, customized information and solutions that fulfill your needs.

  • Provide a team of professionals that are highly skilled and experienced.

  • Provide cost-effective services by leveraging technology and implementing standardized processes.

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